Opinion: Concern for City-owned Properties Sale with No Restrictions

An open letter to the Portland City Council from Karen Snyder of Next Stage Consulting, LLC

Good Morning City Councilor Brenerman, City Councilor Thibodeau, and CIty Councilor Ali,

I will not be able to attend the EDC meeting tonight because I have been called out of town by a client.  However, I wanted to express my concern about sale of city owned property with no restrictions and ignoring public feedback on these city owned properties.

Many people on the peninsula are very concerned about the fact that the City continues to attempt to sell city-owned property without any restrictions, or attempt to focus on developing this property for affordable housing for working class/middle class, and/or any reference to the Comprehensive Plan.  In particular are the city owned properties that will be discussed in tonight's meeting which are the West Bayside properties, parking lot on Springs Street, and Thames Gravel parking lot.

I have gotten various feedback on the presentation that I presented in the last week to various members from the community regarding Portland's need to make an effort to promote affordable housing for the working/middle class.  I have made some updates to this presentation based on feedback.  Other cities are doing it. 

The affordability covenants and systems are in place.  It would be relatively easy for the City to replicate on other infill development if the City makes an effort and to work with sustainable and willing developers.

We would appreciate if you would consider this prior to quickly attempting to sale these city-owned properties.

Karen Snyder
Munjoy Hill Resident
Next Stage Consulting, LLC



The City of Portland EDC meets tonight, March 7 at 5:30 pm in Room 24 (Basement), City Hall. Agenda can be found here.