Three Robberies Reported on Munjoy Hill in Last 24 Hours

Residents and Portland Police have noted at least three robberies and reported break-ins on Munjoy Hill since Wednesday morning, all three taking place in daylight according to reports and a Portland Police officer working one of the scenes.

One incident was reported near the corner of Turner and Merrill streets on Wednesday, August 25, but The Observer was not able to confirm the address or details by press time. A second incident was first reported by a neighbor (and later confirmed by Portland Police working another scene) on Turner Street near the corner of Emerson Street sometime mid-afternoon on Thursday, August 26. In that case, a homeowner reported a slashed window screen and an attempt to force open a window secured by a special security lock. That homeowner, who wished not to be identified, reported her next door neighbor as also having an attempted break-in.

According to the Turner Street victim, a security camera captured two individuals in a shiny black pickup truck with chrome trim and red lettering on the back, leaving the scene. A description of the individuals was not given and Portland Police had not verified the account at press time.

Portland Police officer V. Cote removing fingerprints from robbery scene at 94 Beckett Street Thursday afternoon. Photo: The Munjoy Hill Observer

A third incident was reported around 5pm on Thursday afternoon at 94 Beckett Street. According to Portland Police Officer V. Cote who was working the scene, intruders broke through a side window facing another home and driveway, entered the home and took electronics. The officer stated this as being routine for the summer months with the motives often being intruders looking for items to sell to support drug or other chemical habits.

That officer took fingerprints and returned to the Turner Street residence later in the evening to determine if those prints matched both of Thursday's incidents. 

Portland Police advice residents to be vigilant in locking all windows and doors, whether the home or business is occupied or not, and to report any suspicious activity.