Phish Fans Feeding Freenzy For Sold Out Concert

By WCSH6 Television: 

The rock band "Phish" played a sold-out show at Portland's Cross Insurance Arena Wednesday night. It was the first concert the band has played in Portland in seven years.

Fans started lining up hours before the show in order to get a spot at the front of the general admission section.

"If you're first in line, you get to run right up and be first row. So you get to ride what we call the rail," said Mark Letherer, a Phish fan who follows the band around the country. He said he has seen more than 500 Phish shows. 

"People who I see all the time but are acquaintances, they call me Everywhere Mark. Every show is different. No set lists are the same," said Letherer. "To be up that close you get to see the intimacy of the band, like you can see how one little look can end a song."

"The front row crew is always a small -- same faces all around the nation," said Hilton Jones, who came from Madison, Wisconsin to see his 100th Phish show. "The occasion, the tradition is hanging out with friends and enjoying good music. That's what it's really about."

Letherer and Jones said when they travel across the country to see the band, they often run into friends they've seen at previous shows.

"The circle kind of gets smaller all the time the more that you're on the road with everybody. We're kind of like a little, small family on the road," said Letherer.