Parking Meeting Tonight for Residents of 'Lower Zone 4'

Parking, a long (and hotly) debated issue among Munjoy Hill residents, is the subject of a public meeting tonight to be hosted by City Councilor Belinda Ray.

Beginning at 6:00pm and taking place at East End Community School, Ray and city employees will hold a discussion and take input by residents of a small area of Munjoy Hill regarding the growing challenge of parking within one of Portland's most densely populated neighborhoods. Action items from this forum may serve as a test case for future on-street parking measures aimed at providing better parking access. Some residents fear, however, that the restrictions under discussion may make parking matters worse.

Notice of the meeting was sent to a small section of Portland residents. In a note to The Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization on Tuesday, Ray said the discussion and considerations would focus on lower Zone 4 residents which, according to Ray, are those living between Atlantic Street and Ponce/Sheridan streets and Congress and Fore streets. 

The meeting was announced via a letter to residents of the mentioned area on June 30, but others throughout the neighborhood, including the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization were not directly informed by Ray or anyone on City Staff. The note was not specific to any particular zone but is thought to have been mailed only to residents within that area.

In the notice, the City asks residents for feedback on a possible time-limited parking program. The notice goes on to state that if such a program were implemented, residents of the affected area would be eligible to receive a residential parking sticker, free of charge and exempting them from any time restrictions within their zone.

Such a scenario has been discussed throughout Munjoy Hill since the area's popularity began to rise, creating more on-street parking of residents. Tonight's meeting may be the next phase of that discussion.

No reason has been provided to the Munjoy Hill Observer or to the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization regarding why this specific area has been chosen, its expected timeline or whether other communities are also under similar consideration. A reply to Ray seeking clarification was not received by the time this post was published. We will update the information as more is provided.