Strimling Issues Statement Regarding Portland as a Sanctuary City

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling released the following statement today regarding Portland's status as a sanctuary city. While Chapter 2 of the Portland City Code does state that City employees are not to ask the immigration status of individuals who are seeking City services, unless ordered to do so by a court or law, the ordinance further states that law enforcement personnel are to cooperate with federal officials, which is contrary to what a sanctuary city would do.

"In response to recent fears that the city of Portland will cooperate with the Trump Administration in the deportation of millions, I want to reiterate that Portland is a welcoming city and nothing has changed on the local level since the election." the statement read. "While we are not a sanctuary city, our city employees and police do not currently go around stopping people to ask their immigration status nor will they start now. Not only that, the current Council is looking at ways to create an Office of New Americans so we can re-double our efforts at integration and inclusion."

It continued, "I want to reassure our residents that they are welcome here and we will not tolerate hate crimes, bigotry, or intolerance. And we will not participate in any witch hunts that intimidate our residents."

The statement was followed by a statement from Portland Chief of Police Mike Sauschuck. Sauschuck said it is his department's policy to cooperate with Federal law enforcement officials and to obey Federal law. However, said Sauschuck, it is not the common practice, nor is it anticipated to be for Portland officers to routinely stop suspected immigrants or to ask for immigration status during stops or arrests.