A Statement in Support of Fort Sumner Park from the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization

For the last thirty-eight years, the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization has sought to honor a goal established in its original Articles of Incorporation: to instill in the residents of Munjoy Hill a sense of pride and confidence in their neighborhood.  

We recognize development and growth is a part of any healthy community, and we welcome responsible, compatible development, particularly that which provides affordable housing and that which seeks to enhance the community by respecting its neighbors, the history of Munjoy Hill and the City of Portland.

We recognize the importance to the neighborhood, and to the citizens of Portland, to protect our shared community assets, particularly publicly accessible open spaces, significant public vistas for those public open spaces, and similar important character-defining features.

We recognize the City’s Fort Sumner Park, with its sweeping vista of the City’s downtown, the peninsula Back Cove, and Mount Washington, provides an unparalleled vista of historical and current regional significance which should be protected for all to enjoy.

Therefore the Board of Directors supports:

1.  The City of Portland’s Historic Preservation Board recommending designation of Fort Sumner Park as a site which should be protected under the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance, with the vista identified as an important character-defining feature which is to be protected.

2.  Portland’s City Council approving the designation of Fort Sumner Park as a local historic landmark, and enacting particular provisions to protect the sweeping vista as part of that designation.

3.  The City of Portland using its full development review authority to protect Fort Sumner Park and its associated sweeping vista.  This includes in development review, acting to protect the public interest by declining to approve any proposed development which would degrade or compromise the current sweeping vista from Fort Sumner Park on the grounds that it will have an undue adverse effect on the scenic and natural beauty of the area, to the detriment of the residents of Munjoy Hill, the City of Portland, and numerous visitors.

4.  The Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization Board of Directors inviting collaboration with the City Councilors, the City Manager, the Mayor or others, to take immediate steps to preserve and protect the sweeping vista from Fort Sumner Park.

The Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization

October 10, 2016