Lightning Round: Abby Elington

Abby Elington at Hilltop Coffee. Photo by Jay Norris

Who: Abby Elington, popular barista at Hilltop Coffee, 4-year Munjoy Hill resident, native of Northwest, Arkansas, lover of arts, fashion and creepy movies.

MHNO:  What's on your mind these days?

Abby Elington: Work, being happy and winter. I love the New England winters but also glad it's been a little better this year. 

MHNO:  You're a long way from the mountains of Arkansas..

AE:  Yeah, like a lot of people, work and the charm of Maine pulled me here. I took a job offer as a fashion merchandiser and when I decided to move on from that, I couldn't leave Maine. I mean, who would?

MHNO:  Watching anything good right now? We hear House of Cards drops the new season this week.

AE:  Yeah, I'm really into The Bachelor! {laughs}. Peter Donatelli got me hooked on it, now we compare notes the morning after each episode. 

MHNO: But it's, you know, fake. Right?

AE: Ha! For sure, it's all fake but I can't help trying to get as many people as I can to check it out. It's great if you're a hopeless romantic like me. 

MHNO: What's been your favorite haunts this winter?

AE:  I LOVE Shays for food! But for cocktails you can't beat Sonny's. I love that place. 

MHNO: Favorite Beer?

AE:  Anything cheap Mexican. {laughs} I think I like cheap Mexican beer because it's crisp. But for local beers you can't beat Oxbow. It's definitely my favorite place in the summer months. I hear they've started a Honky Tonk night there on Thursdays, which sounds amazing!  

MHNO: Any favorite movies you're dying to see? 

AE: Deadpool is hillarious! I especially can't wait to see The Witch. I hear it's brilliant. 

MHNO: What keeps you busy when you're not keeping customers caffeinated & happy or watching The Bachelor?

AE: I do a 'zine (magazine), a self published thing called Wood. It's all things fashion and girl culture, what's happening with women.

MHNO: That sounds amazing and it must keep you busy.

AE: Definitely. It's my alternative to social media. You can pick it up downtown at Strange Maine.

MHNO: I can't let you go before I ask about the ink. Do the tattoos tell a story or just art? 

AE: Yeah, they're all post-breakup tattoos.

MHNO: ALL of them? That's heavy.

AE: Oh yeah. They're like my own little reminders of the people who were in my life but are no longer a part it. They're oddly inspiring to me.

MHNO: Should I ask? How many do you have?

AE: {laughing} I've lost count!