Tandem Coffee Offers Vinyl LP & Bean Pairings via Mail

Tandem Coffee, which began its empire in the shadow of Munjoy Hill on Anderson Street, has launched a new subscription and delivery service sure to appeal to the traditionalists among us: The Good Thing, a coffee and vinyl club that ships monthly.

Regulars of the café/roastery at 122 Anderson St. or the café/bakery at 742 Congress have no doubt noted the supporting role that music plays in the highly cultivated ambience. Both cafes spin an impeccable collection of records (yes, those black round things). Starting this spring, Tandem has teamed up with KMA, a local Portland audio equipment and vinyl record store, to offer The Good Thing.

The first Wednesday of each month, subscribers will receive a new, sealed copy of a record that KMA and Tandem have deemed a ‘must have’ along with a special pairing of coffee beans (12 oz.) by mail. The cost is $30