54 Walnut St.

This reservoir, built in about 1888 (and its standpipe seen here) was at the far NE end of the Hill near the current East End School between North Street and Eastern Promenade, along Walnut Street.

In 1893 the East wall burst, sending an avalanche of water (20 million gallons) downhill, taking out four homes and killing four residents. The wall was repaired soon after. 

The Portland Company made this standpipe for the Portland Water Company in 1903. It is attached to the Munjoy Hill Reservoir to provide better water service on Munjoy Hill, which had been underserved by the company. The capacity of the tank was 500,000 gallons. 

The Portland Water District acquired the reservoir and property in 1908 when it acquired the water works from the Portland Water Co. Portland Water District donated part of the land to the Jack school (now East End Community School) for its soccer fields which remain today. 

The charming Mansard cottage was sold and removed in 1922. The new owner relocated it to the opposite side of Walnut Street at #54 and rotated it clockwise 90 degrees. The house remains there today.

54 Walnut St. today.

The site was cleared in 1970 to make way for taxable development. The third photo shows the top layer of ice that remained after the water underneath had been drained. The fourth photo is from 1969, right before the drainage. A new reservoir was built at the present site of the Eastern Promenade tennis courts.

In 2002 the Island View Apartments were built on this site.

The postcard appears to be from the early 1900's.